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TETRANE’s Timeless Analysis captures a time slice of a full system execution (CPU, Memory, Hardware Events) to provide unique analysis features that speed up and scale your reverse engineering process.

Timeless Analysis Workflow

A simple workflow to unleash your RE Power with Timeless Analysis.
Quickly identify the root-cause, assess the exploitability, and bypass packers or crypto, triage, etc. All of this is done through a GUI or API.

Unprecedented Speed for Vulnerability Analysis

Immediately locate the crash origin and start investigating with Memory History and Data Tainting, both backwards and forwards. Watch a demo!

Automate Triage at Scale

Looking to increase the throughput of your reverse engineering process? Automate the investigation of all crashes resulting from fuzzing to focus your security researchers on high-value cases.

Build Your Reverse Engineering Platform

Whatever your goal is, everyone can benefit from a faster process, a deeper analysis, and a solution that helps address any cyber security talent shortages. Build your own platform to automate your workflow, pre-process results, and integrate it with tools like IDA Pro, Wireshark, or WinDbg. Build your own scripts or integration with the Python API.

Unique capabilities to assess vulnerabilities

Get to the root cause quickly, assess if a vulnerability is exploitable, bypass complex malware protections, and get full visibility of the kernel as well as multi-process software.

Target Environment

Capture any system running on:

Windows x86 / x86-64

Linux x86 / x86-64


Seamlessly integrate TETRANE’s platform into your RE environment.


Switch seamlessly between static and dynamic view.
Focus on the executed code with code coloration. Extend integration through an API.


Use TETRANE’s Python API to customize the integration.


Direct links between network traffic (in/out) and targeted applications, including kernel.


TETRANE’s mission is to reduce the time it takes to understand and handle software bugs and malware, thus giving customers a crucial competitive advantage.


Innovation is the key to our success.Breakthrough innovation means taking risks, so we continue to imagine and explore new technological areas. We promote change, and are confident in our ability to shape the future. The only real failure is the refusal to try.


We operate in sensitive environments, so we earn the trust of our customers through the quality of our products; we keep their trust through our loyalty to them.

Professionalism & Excellence

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations because we want them to succeed. The work we do is serious, but our passion makes it fun.
We work with teams of experts all around the world to ensure you’re getting the quality you deserve.


Our strength as a team comes from the belief that every member matters. We learn from each other, value individual skills, and are all striving together to deliver high-quality solutions.

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Testimonials & Success Stories

How our customers are leveraging the TETRANE platform in their reverse engineering processes.

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