Those VMs are ready to be imported in REVEN to record any system or application activities, bugs, crashes, CVE PoCs, Malware, etc.


Debian Stretch (9)

[REVEN Free, Enterprise & Professional]

QCOW2 (5.1GB)

CentOS 8 (x86_64)

[REVEN Enterprise & Professional]


Fedora (27)

[REVEN Enterprise & Professional]

Zip (6.4GB) - QCOW2 (17.9GB)

Ubuntu (16.04)

[REVEN Enterprise & Professional]

Zip (10.2GB) - QCOW2 (26.9GB)

Looking for other OSes?

Ask us.

Microsoft Windows

Win7 to Win10

Microsoft's web site provides free Windows virtual machines. See REVEN import doc.

IE11 / Microsoft Edge

[REVEN Free, Enterprise & Professional]

Windows 10 Dev Env.

[REVEN Enterprise & Professional]


(See REVEN's doc or the Helpdesk for additional information)

How to use those VMs?

Import those VMs in REVEN using the Project Manager and you can start recording the scenario of your choice.

Can I update the Linux VMs?

You must not update the Linux kernel of these VMs as we made sure the kernel is in the supported version range. Other than that, you can install any other software as usual.

Linux VMs login/password?

Login is "robert" and password is " " (a single space character). The Microsoft VMs information is on their respective pages.

Why do you provide both Zip and QCOW format?

You may want to optimize UX or download time depending on your network environment. QCOW2 VMs can be directly imported in REVEN providing the URL in the Project Manager's import wizard. Zipped VMs must be downloaded and unzipped first.

Why Tetrane does not provide Microsoft Windows VMs?

Tetrane is not entitled to distribute Windows VMs. However, we made the creation/import of a VM as easy as possible using a Wizard. You can use VMs provided by Microsoft on their website. Microsoft's license terms apply. Here is a blog post describing this process.