Looking for a great job and to have an impact,to leverage your technical and relational skills, to work hard but with fun

Become a Technical Sales Engineer @Tetrane


As a Technical Sales Engineer at Tetrane, you play a central role to achieve our ambition to be
the leading Software Reverse Engineering Platform.

Your Mission

Your mission will be to guide our customers in their journey towards taking advantage of our timeless analysis technology.
You will be a key player in our team. You will be close to our engineering team to get the support you need to achieve the great customer satisfaction we aim to deliver.


This is a unique opportunity to join a French Startup already working on an international scale in the cybersecurity space. The location could be: Macon/Lyon (France), San Francisco (USA), or just anywhere (home office).

Your Technical side

For you, facing complex vulnerabilities or malware is like being in an exciting playground. To be successful and enjoy the job, you should have practiced binary reverse engineering for some years, be able to read x86/64 assembly language and have a strong knowledge of a system architecture.

Your Business side

You also love communicating and help people to discover new ways to solve technical challenges.


In this role, you will lead a wide range of technical sales activities which include:


Provide pre-sales assistance for sales opportunities to prospects and customers. Including demonstrations, POC installations, troubleshooting and training. Refine and research technical requirements of the opportunity.


Listen / Understand / Educate / Evangelize the concept of Timeless Analysis and the need for it.
Be at the forefront of the cybersecurity market and engage with leading organisations in this field.

Be a team player

Act as an interface between customers and engineering team to provide adapted solutions.
Provide reporting and feedback on customers needs and field activities to the overall organization.

Contribute to our/your success

You will be given ownership and challenges, team support and encouragement to help you hit the company goals and your personal goals.

About You

Your success will be our success.
With those qualifications you are ready to join our journey:

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