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Become a Software Reverse Engineer @Tetrane


As a Reverse Engineer at Tetrane, you will become a product champion of REVEN and be able to develop yourself and your RE skills.

Your Mission

You use REVEN to explore new usages and applications in the fields of vulnerability research, malware analysis, software RE and debugging.
You provide feedbacks and consulting to the R&D team, shape the product roadmap.


This is a unique opportunity to join a French Startup already working on an international scale in the cybersecurity space. The location is in M√Ęcon/Lyon (France) and may include telecommute.

Your Technical side

For you, facing complex vulnerabilities or malware is like being in an exciting playground. To be successful and enjoy the job, you should have practiced Windows binary reverse engineering for some years, be able to read x86/64 assembly language and have a good knowledge of the RE tools such as IDA, Ghidra, WinDbg, Wireshark, radare2...

Your Social side

You also love communicating and help people to discover new ways to solve technical challenges.
You are a Tetrane ambassador for prospect and customer teams around the world. You gather and produce material to share with them.


In this role, you will lead a wide range of technical activities which include:

Product mastering

You identify representative REVEN Use Cases and Demonstrators: through the implementation of REVEN in a variety of situations (vuln. analysis, malware analysis, RE and debugging), through interactive analysis or automation (Python API). You contribute to threat intelligence, publications, conferences.

Support to Business Development

You network with the experts in your field, build a social media presence on Twitter and other forums (Stackoverflow RE, etc.), attend 4 to 8 conferences a year and represent Tetrane in the RE community, detect needs and provide qualified inputs to Business Development.

Product ownership and feedbacks

You provide clear and timely feedback to the R&D about the ergonomy, performance, features, etc of the developed product. You help prioritize the product backlog. You advise on product specifications and are a champion on RE matters and other RE tools for the team.

Collaboration with Pre-Sales and Support

You contribute material to build tutorials, blog articles and demos. You also contribute inputs to the product knowledge base and engage in customer meetings. You perform technical assessments for customers a few times in the year.

About You

Your success will be our success.
With those qualifications you are ready to join our journey:

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