Software analysis

Undisclosed software vulnerabilities are what make the most sophisticated targeted attacks possible at all. Anticipating is not trying to identify the attacker afterward, but instead putting a strong focus on detecting and analyzing those flaws beforehand to minimize a software's attack surface.

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Provided the source code is not available, reverse-engineering is the only way to analyze a software in its final, compiled form, which the machine will execute. That is why this process is extensively used by hackers.

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REVEN® technology

By performing a symbolic execution of the binary, REVEN® replicates parts of the hardware that runs the software and enables automation of the common reverse-engineering tasks, from the hardware layers up to the application layers.

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Not an expert in the field?

You are an I.T. department manager, a developer, a journalist, a potential investor or a one-time visitor, and you find this page too technical: we made the following section for you where we explain TETRANE's REVEN® technology and products in layman's term.

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TETRANE is recruiting for both its R&D and Security teams. If you are receptive to solid C++ development, backed up with thorough knowledge in assembly code, reverse-engineering or computer architecture, contact us! TETRANE's uniqueness is found in the diversity of its engineers, whether they are self-taught or graduated, young or senior, creative (or not), etc.

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