REVENĀ® provides an innovative approach to binary analysis, along with unprecedented performance and depth of information. Still, this new technology may require integration with the user's current working environment. Therefore, in order to make sure its customers get the most out of its software suite, TETRANE can provide on-demand training sessions in the form of standard reverse-engineering classes based on REVEN-Axion, or customized training to fit a particular client's need.

Custom R&D

Since its customer's needs might be extremely specific to their own sector or technological environment, TETRANE can leverage the skill of its teams to provide custom solutions:

  • Exclusive feature development
  • Exclusive plugin development
  • Extension of our analysis core technology to other hardware architectures.

Software analysis

TETRANE can also bring its expertise about sensitive software security in the form of consulting or guidance for its customer's teams. For sizable projects which might require more experts, TETRANE can also work with recognized experts in the field.

  • Executable binary analysis
  • Bug finding
  • Bug analysis & characterization
  • Advanced malware analysis

More information is available upon request at services (at) tetrane (dot) com